Feb - Apr '18 (6 weeks)


Adobe Illustrator

The Challenge

How Can We Promote the York BDes Program Through Print Media?

In class, we were challenged to design a set of three 4 x 6 postcards to promote the York University Bachelor of Design Program. We also had to develop a slogan that would represent the program.

My Solution

Reach Beyond the Far and Wide

This tagline was inspired by the way the Honours BDes encourages one to push boundaries and opens so many doors to its students. Building wider networks, learning to think outside the box and exploring different pathways and possibilities were some of the ways in which students are able to go beyond what they thought their limits were. I decided to use circles, triangles and squares as the shapes for each postcard since they’re the three basic design elements. Each shape was to represent a different “wall” or “box” that was being broken out of.

For the first postcard, the circle represents the “bubble” that a person lives in: breaking out of it allows you to expand your network and build a larger community. Whether it’s by connecting them with alumni, introducing them to industry professionals through workshops, or sending them abroad through exchange programs, the program allows students to come out of their shells to meet people outside of their classrooms and even their campus. It’s an essential part of the program because networking and building human connections go hand in hand with communication, which is at the core of design.

For the second postcard, I used the triangle to represent direction. The triangle is pointing in three different directions, but in reality, there are so many more pathways that are open for you to explore as a student in the Honours BDes. The field of design is always changing, so there are always opportunities to learn and grow as a designer.

There is no one set route for you once you graduate. Students are free to try out a number of different fields and expand their skillset so that they can become multidisciplinary designers. Acquiring all these different skills, from print design to UX/UI to branding, allows students to be more flexible and opens them up to more job prospects.

The third postcard features a hand breaking out of a square, which represents thinking outside the box. Being in a creative field, innovation is an important part of a designer’s work, because change allows for growth. Instead of resorting to the most obvious design solutions, students in the Honours BDes are required to think up original ideas. They are pushed to continuously experiment and develop new ideas.

In this way, they are challenged so that they can learn how to deal with unexpected problems or changes in deadlines and project specifications. This means that even when students are all given the same set of instructions, they are able to come up with different solutions so that the end results all look very different.


Mind Map

In order to figure out what main points I wanted to get across about the York BDes were, I created a mindmap of words that were related to the program. There were a lot of concepts that came up in my research, but my word map could be condensed into a few keywords: beyond, pathways, network and innovation.


I wanted to emphasize this concept by creating a lot of contrast between the background (waves) and the foreground elements (the hand breaking out of the shape) through color and texture. The foreground elements represent the student shattering all the barriers that are blocking them from reaching their full potential. The background represents the world of possibilities that students are introduced to by the program.

Change is necessary for improvement, and because design is an always-evolving field, I wanted to express movement and flow in the background, which is why I chose the waves. The Honours BDes pushes students to go beyond their comfort zones, which means that they are always creating, experimenting and innovating.

Final Outcome & Takeaways

Because I wasn't restricted to using York's existing brand, I was free to do whatever I wanted with the postcards, which was fun. I was an interesting project because I had to look back on what made me want to study Design at York and research how the university wanted the program to be viewed. It was a great reminder of how many different directions I could go in once I graduated and why I enjoyed design in the first place.